Takes her time and provides quality service.

"Dr. Kutub is nothing like my previous eye doctors who run more like mills, always making me feel rushed. She takes her time and makes sure to address all our concerns before we leave. Not to mention, she also gave some helpful tips on how to take better care of my family's eyes, being the 24/7 electronic fanatics that we are. (I'll never forget the '20-20-20 rule'!) Grateful for her quality service and amicable personality."

Long-time patient.

"I've been coming here since Day 1 of the practice. The doctor, her staff, and the Optical have been nothing short of perfect for my medical and vision needs. I trust Dr. Kutub with my eye health because she treats my condition as if it were her own."

Friendly and professional staff.

Dr. Kutub and her staff are outstanding! They are all friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. I’m usually skeptical when trying out new doctors, however, Dr. K immediately erased any doubt. I will continue to spread the word of my visit to everyone I know.

Impressive. The most efficient eye exam I've ever had!

I had the pleasure of stepping into Dr. Kutub’s office and I was very much impressed. It was the most thorough yet efficient eye exam I’ve ever had! The staff was very personable and she treated my husband and I with great respect even though we walked in without an appointment.

Unparalleled customer service.

This office’s customer service skills are unparalleled. From the minute you walk in the door to check-out time, they know how to take care of their patients with warm smiles and 100% focus. Everyone who works there treats each other like family and you’ll soon feel like a part of it, too!

Going the extra mile.

"I used to be a 'doctor hopper' when it came to my yearly eye check-ups - Until now. I always thought optometrists would just check your prescription and you're out the door. Dr. Kutub was the first optometrist to go the extra mile and explain to me the different parts of the eye and how my eyes were doing in each part. Who knew the eye was so complex than just checking for 'which is better, 1 or 2'? Well, I do now! She's a real good teacher. An even better doctor."

Excellent care.

I was nervous about putting on contacts, but Dr. K made it fast and easy to get the hang of. See you next year, Doc.

Exceptional staff and office flow.

I came in on a busy day when every single seat in the waiting room was taken. At first, I thought this was going to take forever — Boy was I wrong! The medical staff really knows how to keep the flow going around here. He spoke to everyone in the room, making sure we were all addressed and felt welcome. After the room died down, we got to talking, each of us sharing stories, and before I knew it, he’s ready to take me in! Let me tell you, the staff here has got efficiency down to a T. Exceptional.

Great experience.

The staff and Dr. K. are awesome and so sweet. They have a way of moving quickly and still making the experience personal. You guys rock! I would definitely recommend you.